Parnell Motors: (09) 3797970


At Parnell Motors we are a full service vehicle workshop, maintaining for example; brakes, cambelts, transmissions, clutches, suspension, cooling systems. We repair faults and provide regular services and warrant of fitness.

 You will find we are easy to deal with. We have a single point of contact, our service manager Mark answers the phone, calls you with updates, sources your parts, organises the workshop and schedules the work.

You receive value without compromising safety or quality. As specialist we can often go straight to the problem.

Your car is cared for by a specialist workshop. We work on Audi, VW, Peugeot , BMW and Mercedes  and you can be sure we have already worked on the typical issues facing these makes and models

We know when and how to source quality original (OEM), aftermarket or second hand parts  if appropriate (we would give you the option). This is  one way we strive to save you money.

You also save you money because we think out side the square and provide options if we can. We don’t just replace expensive modules until the problem goes away. We apply years of training and experience to solving the problem.

Cars are becoming more technical and we recognise it is often difficult for customers to understand exactly what, why and how some work is being done on their car, We are of course happy to fully explain, don’t be afraid to ask. If you need to visualize something ask us to show you or have a look at some generic pictures of commonly worked on parts of a car. If the scope of the work changes from your original expectation we will talk to you prior to continuing and keep you fully informed.

When you come to sell your car we are happy to provide a copy of all invoices for work on your car as proof to a potential buyer that your vehicle has been serviced on a regular basis,

Think about the benefits of doing business locally, we are big fans. Its simple convenient and enjoyable. We support and promote local businesses and organizations where we can.

We have courtesy cars (these need to be booked) or we are happy to arrange complimentary pick ups and drop off’s to and from certain parts of town see our map.


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