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Your vehicles cooling system efficiently removes excessive heat from the engine, for the health of your engine it is important that it is working well. Overheating can cause serious damage to the engine, so it is important to keep the system maintained. The cooling system includes componants such as the radiator, water pump, hoses antifreeze and thermostat. Radiators can rust or become blocked, hoses get soft and deteriorate, water pumps or the belt driving them fail. Failing radiators can sometimes be reconditioned, other wise they are replaced. Because the cooling system components are linked and have often done the same amount of work, it is not uncommon recommend the replacement of other componants or to fix one component, bring the system up to pressure and find another fails. It can be difficult when we start fixing a problem with the cooling system to give an accurate price. But we can give you a best and worst case scenario and keep you informed a long the way.

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